Trauma’s Unceasing Harvest

Trauma’s Unceasing Harvest

Have you heard anything
Regarding injury to the brain?
For in your heart,
You’d think it’s such a shame.

Lets take Jimmy here,
He’s a friend of mine,
Walking to school one day,
Everything was just fine,

Ready to cross the street,
Two cars hit with a crash,
One car rebounded,
And laid Jimmy in the grass.

Sent him right into dreamland,
Twenty days in a coma, or more –
And now he’s battling with himself,
Just to do every day chores.

He sees a therapist regularly,
The way he handles,
I don’t know how,
But let’s ask Jimmy
How he’s doing now.

“It was hard for me at first,
Everything seemed so strange,
Yet my teacher tells me,
That nothing’s changed!

The girl that I used to like,
We’d meet out on the track,
When our classes were free,
Now she won’t even look at me!
To tell you the truth,
I don’t know
If I want to be here in school,
They all look at me
Like I’m such a fool.”

Well thank you Jimmy,
For speaking your mind,
Just know that out there,
Are people that care,
Them, I’m sure that you will find.

Being dragged through the wringer,
Jimmy starts his wrinkled life anew,
And as much as you may have heard,
Do you really know what Jimmy’s going through?


Heidi Lerner

Gray Matters 4U


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