The Unpaved Road

The Unpaved Road

It’s been quite some time,
I’ve been traveling on this route,
No one ever told me,
What it was all about.

I’m affected on the inside,
Morning, noon and night.
My friends and family,
Say it will be all right.

But what do they know?
They’ve never been down this road.
All they see
Are the symptoms I’ve showed.

Oh Lord,
Help me.
No one ever told me
How complex all of these difficulties would be.

There are no signs pointing the way,
How can people
Say it’ll be Ok?

What about my sense of disorientation,
The disappearance of my dreams?
How come no one ever told me about these things?

There are potholes along the road,
My abilities have seemed to corrode,
No one ever paved this road for me,
I trip over obstacles I can’t even see.

Yet I don’t want the doctor to paint the picture,
What my outcome will be,
He may be having a bad day,
And I believe much more in me!

Trauma to the brain,
Neurological traffic,
…Blocks do let up
Along the unpaved road.

Symptoms abounding –
Sense of self

I trust in my instincts,
Get a little help along the way.
Untying knots,
Braiding myself back together,

Healing is in flow.
I’m traveling down that road.

Heidi Lerner
Gray Matters 4U