Policies and Payments

Gray Matters 4U brain injury coaching is a fee-for-service practice. All coaching sessions are the client’s financial responsibility. Twenty-Four (24) hours prior notice is required if there is a need to cancel or change the time of an appointment. Otherwise, the client will be charged for the session in full.

Gray Matters 4U does not participate with any insurance companies or managed care plans, or accept assignment of benefits. Coaching services are not reimbursable through health insurance policies. In-person checks and cash will be accepted. All other payments will be accepted through debit and credit cards via PayPal.

General confidentiality commitment: the client’s identity,
client relationship and content of the client’s work with Heidi
Lerner will remain private and confidential. The Coach will not
share any information about the client with a third party unless
the client consents in writing to allow the coach to discuss the
client’s work with specific parties for specific reasons that benefit
the client.

Exceptions to Confidentiality
1. In the event that the coach believes there is clear and
imminent danger to the life and physical safety of the client or
others, the coach may need to disclose selected information in
order to make appropriate and potentially life-saving
2. In the course of clerical duties, Gray Matters Life
Coaching support staff may be privy to name and limited contact
information of Gray Matters Life Coach clients, but will have no
access to information as to matters discussed during coaching.

By reading below certifies understanding of and agreement with the
The client agrees to utilize Gray Matters Life Coaching services with full
understanding that Heidi Lerner, Gray Matters Life Coach, her
employees, or volunteers are in no way responsible or liable for the
client’s decisions, actions and their outcomes. The Client also agrees to
hold Gray Matters Life Coach free of all liability and responsibility for any
adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a specific
referral, advice given, or any actions taken while working with or as a
result of working with Gray Matters Life Coach, Heidi Lerner.
I have read this client service agreement and agree to abide by its terms
and conditions.