I must analyze
The definition of this word,

For the underlying meaning
Is somewhat absurd.

Do you mean UN-abled?

No, not me,
To that I say “Hey!”

I’ll get through that obstacle,
My own little way,

Please understand,
I don’t think that I’m so great,
I’ve just learned to compensate.

Are you diss-ing me,
Just because I have trouble
With my memory?

We’re moving on in time,
For sure,

“Handicapped” isn’t politically correct

People with a disability
Are not handicapped,

We’re not passive,
Our potential is there to be tapped.
Our challenges
We want you to understand,

But in your mind,
Don’t put us in the “handicap” brand.

We’re in a different time,
It’s a different paradigm.

We look at ourselves
In quite a different light.

We believe we can do
Whatever we put in sight!

If you assume my inability 
Through this name…

My rights and integrity I can legally claim.

Overcoming challenges,
Makes a person strong –

Strength in mind,
Togetherness in heart,
Help us to keep on keeping on!

Heidi Lerner

Gray Matters 4U