About Heidi

Gray Matters 4U

In 1989, Heidi survived a major car wreck and sustained a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that left her in a coma for 9-days. Six years after her injury, Heidi went back to school to pursue her Masters degree in Special Education, specifically for people with brain injuries. Now she facilitates Gray Matters Brain Injury Support Group at Sharp Rehab in San Diego, CA.

Heidi Lerner has lived more than half of her life with a brain injury; she has put to use many different interventions to accommodate, compensate and cope with the inherent complications of her condition. She takes small, yet meaningful, proactive steps at living her life with gusto.

Heidi uses Coaching as an empowering tool that allows her to tap into the client’s personal potential to overcome the grip of trauma and live life fully – once again. She inspires people with brain injuries to feel better about themselves and helps them be more independent in their daily lives. In her Coaching practice, Heidi also utilizes Gentle Pilates as a means to: release stress, build CORE rehabilitative strength and to gain a peaceful composure.

Heidi is affiliated with Sharp Hospital, where she facilitates a Brain Injury Support Group. She has facilitated Gray Matters Support Groups in various places for twenty years.


University of Florida, Bachelors degree in Philosophy. George Washington University, Masters in Special Education – Acquired Brain Injury (Full Scholarship). Certified Pilates Instructor.